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Private Collection

Through out much of art history the female figure has been depicted countless times. Artists such as Francisco Goya, Édouard Manet, Titian, and many others have represented the female body. By utilizing Impossible Project film, the predecessor of Polaroid film, juxtaposed with references to master artists, I encourage the viewer to take into consideration what qualifies a medium to be a fine art form. 


In this series I photographed myself as a way to not only create a connection between art history's portrayal of the female body, but also to show the vulnerability of the human form. This work is a celebration of the human body and an acceptance to myself. Over the years, I have struggled with ongoing mental illness which has caused other conditions to arise. As a result, for much of my life I have battled with low self-confidence. Finally, I embrace myself much in the same way I welcome the imperfections of the Impossible Project film. Unfortunately, society has a way of creating standards for art and beauty. With this series I set out to push the limits on these standards.

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