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Atmosphere has two distinct definitions. One is characterized as the gases surrounding the earth, while the second definition is a general mood or feeling. This particular series of Impossible exposures speaks to both definitions. While capturing these landscapes, I deliberately aimed for scenes that possessed an atmospheric quality, such as fog, and a sense of melancholy. When seasons start to transition, many become acutely aware of the environment and how it affects their frame of mind. Since the realization that I am susceptible to bouts of depression, I have worked towards understanding what factors contribute to those feelings. Most will find that they are more vulnerable to their environment than they realize. We are  influenced by the vibes excluded from the people, places and things we surround ourselves with. Some could define this as a character flaw, but I choose to embrace this quality in myself and encourage the alternative view it gives me.


Since the beginning of instant film, one had to accept the many inherent imperfections in the system. The film itself is prone to various defects, whether it is the chemicals not spreading correctly over the frame, the temperature manipulating the overall color or being accidentally exposed to sunlight during the processing stage. The type of Polaroid camera used in conjunction with the film contributes different and distinct faults. Working with a Polaroid OneStep Close-up 600 camera from 1996 comes with numerous limitations. The camera has a built-in electric light meter that sometimes results in an over or underexposed image. The lens is plastic and has a tendency to soften the focus. By utilizing this particular medium and format I chose to embrace all of its unique characteristics.


As a society, we focus too much on the negative connotations of a flaw. With this series I hope to change how one perceives these imperfections and I encourage the viewer to find the beauty in something deemed undesirable. I chose this form of presentation to highlight the concept that our surroundings have the power to impact the way we feel and embody the ability one has to change those aspects. I also encourage the viewer to interact with the piece, carefully moving the pages as one pleases.


Interactive Spindle with Mounted Impossible Film


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